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Are You Branding Yourself Correctly?

Branding in todays on line market is such an important step. People will only buy from those that they Like, Trust and Know! This is where "Branding" comes into play. Without it, you are spinning your wheels against everyone else selling the same ol'thing! Don't let that happen. I'd love to help you do it the right way. Contact me here for help: Let's talk on a zoom :-)

Are You Branding Yourself Correctly?

You may also listen to my Podcast here:

👉 I am a Visionary, Always Reaching for the Stars and Beyond…You can contact me, (as well as Ask Me Anything) by using the hashtag #AskCarolEarl or even check out my ENTIRE FULL LIBRARY (which is updated daily) at

Or simply send me a message below.

I am also a Coach helping others to be successful. I believe in the manifestation of everyone's dreams can be accomplished. You only need to know where to start.

I’ve had a successful career in sales for most of my adult life. Including running my own successful Business, SamJen Enterprises. This was a local fundraising company. I ran most of the schools fundraising efforts in the Tri-Cities area of TN/VA and was extremely successful... until my husband passed.

After the loss of my husband, I took a job with CBS. I was hired to oversee and train the television and newspaper account representatives to not only sell each other's products but to introduce online advertising to their clients as well.

This was the very beginning of introducing businesses to online advertising. After two years of this, I had the highest percentage of sales increase along the entire Eastern seaboard.

Then in 2015, I was taken under the wings of a 7+ figure entrepreneur. And I said goodbye to "Corporate America"

I have been able to learn more about Internet Marketing than I ever thought possible. I am a Personal Branding Specialist and I Coach others to be successful and happy.

I am proud to say that I am helping people from all walks of life to enjoy a better life thru online marketing. I Love what I do.

Making others Happy and Successful makes me extremely happy as well.

I'd love to help you be successful and happy too.

God Bless


See More About me here. Just click the photo. (Yes, I'm the little one in the photo :-)


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