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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

👉 I am a Visionary, Always Reaching for the Stars and Beyond…You can contact me (as well as Ask Me Anything) by using the hashtag #AskCarolEarl or by visiting my website:
Or send me a message from any of my site's pages.

     I am also a Coach helping others to be successful. I believe in the manifestation of everyone's dreams can be accomplished. You only need to know where to start.

     I've had a successful career in sales for most of my adult life, including running my own successful Business, SamJen Enterprises. (My business was a fundraising company). I ran most of the schools fundraising efforts in the Tri-Cities area of TN/VA and was extremely successful... until my husband passed.

     After the loss of my husband, I took a job with CBS. My position was to oversee and train the television and newspaper account representatives to sell each other's products and introduce online advertising to their clients.

This was an inspiring time as it was the very beginning of introducing businesses to online advertising. After two years of this, I brought our branch up to having the highest sales percentage increase along the entire Eastern seaboard.  I was so very proud. 

​     2007 is when I met my 3rd husband. We both had taken a break from "Corporate America" and met at McGee Tyson Airport as taxi cab drivers… we then became Professional truck drivers and saw the country together. He passed in 2014.

     2015, I met who turned out to be my mentor,  a 7+ figure entrepreneur. And I said goodbye to "Corporate America."  

I have been able to learn more about Internet Marketing than I ever thought possible. I am a Personal Branding Specialist, and  I coach others to be successful and happy.

     I am proud to say that I am helping people from all walks of life to enjoy a better experience thru online marketing. I love what I do.

     Making others Happy and Successful makes me extremely happy as well.

     I'd love to help you be successful and happy too.


God Bless

More details of my life...

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 (I'm the little one in the photo above.) My Christian name is Carol Lee Browne. I am now remarried for the 4th time and my “married” name is now: Carol Lee Brown 😊

I grew up in Wayne, New Jersey. Yes, a Yankee, by location only. My family hailed from Texas.

I went thru a very traumatic childhood fearing for my life for over 12 years. That trauma left me with what is called Ischemia. It is related to collapsed blood vessels in my head from getting pushed off my bed and going without proper oxygen at an exceedingly early age.

Never understood it all and the effect till 2015! A little more on that later.


1974… I married for the first time when I was 21. I went briefly to college and studied Political Science; boy did I love that. Politics is in my blood. You see, my Dad was Mayor of the town I grew up in all thru grade school. Left an enormous impact on me.

​I had two little girls during this time, Jill and Lee. However, that marriage ended in 1976. After that, they were kidnaps by their father and brought to California. I was living in Illinois. I was unable to fight for them as I had no money.


1981… I remarried. I had two more little girls, Samantha and Jennifer; yes, always girls. I so wanted a boy. Guess it just was not meant to be.

The next decade and a half or so were ok. I was living an everyday life raising two little girls and looking after a husband. His job was always moving us to new locations, as he was exceptionally good at what he did. As of today, I have moved 37 times in my life.


1987… I started a fundraising company helping mostly Daycares to raise money for equipment. All the fundraising companies knew me as "The Day-Care Queen of Nashville."

1989… My husband quit his job, and we opened "Sam-Jen Enterprises." I started my fundraising company to help schools as well and was remarkably successful with this.


1989… I also discovered my God-given gift for photography. I was a Photojournalist and was also published. To date, I still love photography. I also worked as an independent contractor for BMS (Bristol Motor Speedway). I was their track photographer for regularly shooting the events at "Thunder Valley" and also spent 4 days a week their shooting all races! 


2003… My husband had a fatal heart attack. I was so very lost and confused.  


2006… After a variety of jobs, of selling, I moved in with my daughter in Maryville, TN.

And in August, I took a job driving for McGee Tyson Airport, where I met my next husband. He, too, had decided to take a break from "corporate America" and all he did and had his own story.


2007… My new husband and I began driving professionally. We moved new trucks, bobtails, class A motor homes, Utility trucks, Cement trucks, you name it. We took them from the factories to dealers. We traveled the entire country and Canada. Boy, I loved to drive. And I also was able to take photos from all over the country!


2014... More Death

2014...  My husband began to get sick, which was shortly after my dad passed on January 1st, 2014. That was a Hugh loss for me. My dad and I were remarkably close. That is another story for another time. And exceedingly long.


  I also lost my sister in January 2014. Apparently, from a brown recluse bite. She tried to take care of it herself; she failed. This story is for another time within itself.


  As my husband began to get weaker, we spent the entire summer, and most of the fall, going back and forth to Vanderbilt Hospital in Nashville, trying to get him a new heart. He had congestive heart failure. He was ultimately denied the transplant due to his circulatory system that was also compromised. So, we tried to have it fixed. By the time we got this done in December of 2014, it backfired. He passed on December 30th, 2014.


The next two years were the worst years of my life! I even had a small stroke due to the stress from all the loss of life. The hospital had run an MRI to see how bad it was, and as impressive as it was, there was no damage. However, they did find an area of Ischemia. Ischemia is where small blood vessels had collapsed in my brain. But it was incredibly old!  We now, at the ripe old age of 62, what really happened to me when I was pushed off the bed, hit my head and stopped breathing!  I owe my ultimate survival to my father. 


 I wondered why I had always seemed to have such hard time thinking through things. Well, the accident I had? When I went without oxygen? 

 It was the route of all evil with my thought process. It had caused me the inability to think fast. I was unable to come up with problem-solving ideas or suggestions at a moment's notice. Then the recall had always been difficult for me as well. Yet, I was still such a deep thinker. I could understand so much. And yet, I could not verbalize it back to anyone. 


 I had had this test done when I said that I had issues with reading, writing, and communication. But my Intellect was Superior to even those graduates of doctoral degrees.


*** Well, my new "lease on life." I set out to change my world. Finally, I now know how my head works and can do what I need to do to get information and use it to my benefit. Sure, it still takes me longer than others to absorb information and to implement it. BUT look out… Once I grasp all I need to know about a topic well, there is no stopping me. The Universe is my goal, and I am out to conger it all.

2017… Sold my retirement home in Dayton, TN, where my last husband and I were living. I moved back to Bristol, TN/VA... I spent 2.5 months in a hotel and finally found a home.

I moved in September 2017 and purchased the home on November 1st, 2017. The above photo is my plan for my next home. :-)

home ALL  PHOTOS.gif


I have been implementing the proper tools and necessary actions to be successful online that I started to learn back in 2015.

** today, my future is bright, and I feel whole for the first time in my life.

I have finally found the right place to be, to have the rest of my life's goal complete.

My one goal in life has been to be able FINALLY to have a stable relationship with my children and grandchildren and see them whenever I could. I would also like to be able to leave them something so their lives will be substantial, and they too will be FREE to live their lives free and happy as well—this Will Be My Life-Time Gift to Them.


God Bless


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